After you sign our waiver, Here at Booger Jims Hollow what we are about is very simple, striking fear into your hearts with the scariest haunted house and haunted trail in South Carolina! What ever you find scary or spooky, we have what will bring it out of you. We guarantee a new experience unlike any other thanks to all the twisted minds behind our haunt experience. The haunt is based on the terrifying local legend and folklore of Booger Jim and located right in the heart of where this horror story happened. For the Booger Jim’s Story go to The Legend of Booger Jim page. Come take in all the terror for yourself and who knows, you may be unlucky enough to meet Booger Jim for yourself. We are a very “hands on” attraction so If your a big chicken you can purchase one of our no touch medallions and you will not be touched!  Did I forget to mention you get both of the horror experiences for the price of one! That’s very affordable for your funeral if you ask me!

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General Information 

Ticket prices vary on age and date visit our Dates And Times page for Dates, Times, and Prices. Although safety is our first and foremost priority You MUST sign our waiver before you can enter any of our attractions! In all the years we have been in operation we have never once have the need for an ambulance on our property. On our Kid Friendly nights, kids will not be touched, but adults will. We offer “No Touch” medallions for $5 a piece. In addition all of our staff and actors go through extensive training on what to do and when to do it, As we said before your safety is our first priority. When you come to our attraction you understand that we are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items. We are not responsible for any accidents injuries or Nightmares you might suffer at Booger Jim’s Hollow or as a result of attending Booger Jim’s Hollow. Some would consider the terrain here at Booger Jim’s Hollow rough so wear your hiking shoes. Our attractions are primarily outdoors so if it is pouring down rain we will not be open or may have to shut down. We do not recommend attending our attractions if you are pregnant, have heart conditions, have history of seizures, or are in general poor health.


  •   No open toed shoes
  • If you are pregnant or may become pregnant we can not allow you to enter our attractions
  • No weapons of any kind this includes but is not limited to knives, guns, explosives, or shanks of any kind.
  • No drugs
  • Pictures or videos can not be taken inside the attractions but you can take all the pictures you want on the grounds.
  • Do not act in an aggressive manner towards or hit any of the staff, actors or other guests ( if so you will be ejected from the property immediately)


Is it scary?                                                                                                                                      Come on out and see for yourself!

Do you take credit cards?                                                                                                                      No we are a Cash only venue.

Is their an age limit?                                                                                                                               No Although we do not recommend bringing an infant who can not yet walk or talk

Will we be touched?                                                                                                                                YES! Unless your to chicken then you can buy one of our no touch medallions. Or if its on one of our kid friendly nights in which case kids will not be touched.

Is this a good one to bring my kids?                                                                                                     YES! We have customers who bring their children every year and love it! Though a lot of times we see the kids being more brave than the Adults!

How many people can go in at one time?                                                                                            Absolutely no more than 6 in a group any more than that it just takes away from the experience and its really not safe with more than 6 people to a group.

How long is it?                                                                                                                                 That depends on the group we have had people get out as fast as 30 minutes and some groups last as long as 45 minutes. A lot of this goes into how interactive you are with our monsters!

How much does it cost?                                                                                                                          You get in both attractions for the price of 1, general admission is $15. This varies for kids on our kid friendly nights, in which case kids will be $10 on those nights, see the Dates And Times page for details.

Do you charge for parking?                                                                                                                   Parking is FREE!

Are you open if it rains?                                                                                                                         No if it comes up a storm we will have no choice but to close down. If it is a lite drizzle then we will be open. Drive out at your own discretion. We Recommend not driving a long distance to get to us if the forecast is calling for rain.

Do you offer Group discounts?                                                                                                              No not at this time

How can I be apart of Booger Jim’s Hollow?                                                                                We would love for you to be apart of our team. All you have to do is call or text us at 864-492-7246!